Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New link partners to my sites.Update #1

Thanks for your replies.

Student string demonstrates copy stress disorder. A common phenomenon displayed by education establishments whose staff and students all need to use the copier in the same short space of time during breaks. Don’t worry there’s always the reprographics department when your in a jam. Link for her blog

Sounds like Chris Green has the same problem as me. SEO starts off casual but soon turns into an addiction, a bit like smoking really, but without the cough . Link to Chris Greens website Fresh Cleaning Services of London, I bet you clean a mean carpet mate. Good Luck!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



The title of my blog should give it all away; it’s not a clever working title for a fascinating piece of literature, or a personal log of my innermost thoughts and feelings. No it’s plain and simple, its exactly what it says on the tin. I’m going to blag you with 101 reasons why you should link to one of my websites from your blog, website, directory or where ever you can on the web. In the process I will also give you a FREE QUALITY LINK from the Blag Blog when you participate in my little escapade. So read on, have some fun and get yourself a valubale link.

First a little background on myself:

Just over a year ago I decided that at the age of 36 it was time to stop dreaming about a better life, and actually get out there and try for it. So I decided to give up my job as a photocopier engineer and start my own photocopier business. Now most of you might say that’s not much of a dream, I mean photocopiers, how bloody dull is that for a dream? Well in the literal sense your on the money, a photocopier business isn’t exactly glamorous or exciting, but it can make money and its what I know. Like they say, “stick to what you know”. The dream, however, is in fact to be my own boss, make an honest living, support my partner and our new baby boy and have the freedom to go for a surf
when I want to. That’s the dream, and I’m sure most of you would like something similar along those lines.

Some pictures of my new baby boy Danny, and the hound from hell Ozzy

First trip out for Danny.

Ozzy the terrier and Prince of Darkness

My business, and little niche idea:

After being a photocopier engineer for many years I was beginning to notice that some of the new low-end digital copiers we becoming very reliable, in-fact so reliable that copiers with moderate monthly outputs hardly needed a visit. In reality they could quite easily do without the maintenance contract they were paying for, and just pay for toner and maintenance as and when they needed it. This would save them a lot of money over the long run. With this in mind I decided that my business would consist of two sides, firstly a traditional photocopier and printer business based in my home town of Redruth in Cornwall, and secondly an online shop that will allow me to cover the whole of the UK, letting people save money by taking advantage of the new digital photocopiers, and creating a niche market in the process.

My business is called Oceanside Business Machines (because we are surrounded by the sea, and also because I loved our visit to Oceanside California) and the web site is at

My online store is called Discount Copiers (catchy eh!) and can be found at

The problem:

Now we all know that if you want to be a successful business on the web, you need to be ranked on the first page of the search results for any of your relevant keywords. Part of getting ranked highly in search engine results is to have relevant and unique content, and another very important factor is quality links pointing to your website from others. Up until now I have spent every spare moment I can developing my not too sophisticated website, adding content, trying to get those quality inbound links and generally learning and putting into practice as much about SEO as I can in my limited capacity (I am definitely no programmer or computer wiz).

After a year of spending all my spare time on the computer (with limited results), and the fact that my girl friend is getting pissed off because I spend more time looking at a computer screen than her and our new son, I have decided that I need a new more dynamic approach to the situation. I need to have some fun doing this SEO stuff; I need something that is interesting and interactive. Something that doesn’t need me to spend hours in front of a computer screen going cross-eyed. Something that will produce the goods and give me back my life. The win win situation without the hard work, and so I’ve come up with this.

My Solution:

After reading many articles on how to generate interest for your website I decided to give it a go, and came up with a plan to try and harness the power of the web and the people who make it tick, YOU! My idea is to get you to help me achieve my goal of getting on the first page of search results for Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other search engines for my given key words. I am going to do this by giving you 101 reason why you should or would want to link to my websites, these reasons or excuses will try by any means to unashamedly get you to link to my site (the same way a friend nags you to do something). They will employ all the tactics I can think of like humour, pity, sympathy, friendship, camaraderie, begging, grovelling, emotional blackmail (works for young kids), self deprecation in fact any blag I can think of that might make you think YEAH! ok you win, it's woth a link. As well as the 101 reasons I have also planned a little twist that may help you with your site or blog, but it all depends on people power and reciprocation.

How it works and how to GET A FREE QUALITY LINK:

Now, the first thing to do is to place a quality link pointing to any page on my website. Make sure it is a text link (please), you can be creative if you like and try to incorporate into some text on you site or blog, or just simply make it a stand alone link, its up to you. Please also try to incorporate my keywords which are photocopier or copier in the anchor text and then Canon, Olivetti, Kyocera, Sharp, digital, toner or drum around the anchor text where possible. Next you need to put a link to this blog, which will be beneficial to you, as I will explain in a bit. Once you have done this come back to my blog and leave a comment. In the comment, state which reason made you participate, along with the location of my link on your website (also provide a link to your front or main page if you like, as this will be beneficial for you). If you wish to add anything else to your comment, that’s great, feel free, because the more interesting it is the more people will read it.

EXAMPLE OF A GOOD LINK: Buy and run your own photocopier, choose from Sharp, Canon, Olivetti and Kyocera. Toner and drums also available online.

Now for the second part which is the beneficial part for you. If enough of you place a link to my blog, then the blag blog itself will become a ranked page. This means the links you placed in your comments pointing to your site, will also be worth something because they will be seen by others, hopefully lots of others. To further add value I will also put a link to your site and a line of relevant text in my updates so that you can gain the full benefit of linking to my blog.

To find out Googles pagerank of any page, download the Google Tool Bar for your browser.
If you don't want to add the toolbar to your browser, then you can manually check pagerank online if you like.

So there it is, we all win. Isn’t that a reason in itself? Another fact is that it will be interesting reading other peoples comments, and also seeing if your participation has actually helped push my website further up the results pages for my keywords. It’s got to be worth a go. What have you got to loose?

The quick step-by-step guide on how to link to my site:

  1. Choose a reason you like from the list of 101 below
  2. Place a text link on your site or blog pointing to one of my pages, preferable the home page or a page that shows copiers for sale. My home page is
  3. Also place a link to my blog, as this will help you. You can use create a link by clicking on links to this post at the bottom of the blog if you have a blogger account, this will automatically put a link on your blog pointing to mine. (sounds confusing but give it a try, it's not that hard)
  4. Return to my blog and post a comment stating which reason you chose and why. Also include anything else you’d like to say on the subject.
  5. Include a hyperlink to the page with my link on it.
  6. Also include a hyperlink to your front or main page if you want (it's up to you).
  7. If you like you can also link to my other site for my local business, Oceanside Business Machines at Please use the same keywords but also include the word Cornwall.
  8. My only restrictions are adult sites and anything offensive or abusive, because there not really the associations I need.

Now for the 101 reasons.

The reason I linked to your website was because….

  1. It’s a great idea
  2. It’s good to get involved
  3. I got some this morning
  4. The suns out, why not
  5. Hope to get a quality link from your blog if it’s successful
  6. Cornwall is a nice place
  7. I’m always glad to help a fellow surf buddy get some wave time
  8. SEO is dull lets liven it up
  9. It’s lunchtime and I’m bored
  10. Doing this is better than working
  11. I’m Cornish and want to help a fellow pasty eater
  12. You sound like a real slacker and a blagger, but I like it
  13. Limp Bizket rock
  14. I want my boss to buy a new photocopier as ours is a pile of junk
  15. Suzuki GSXRs are the hooligans preferred choice of weapon
  16. Toilet jokes are guaranteed to get a laugh
  17. There’s just not enough photocopier websites
  18. Green Day rock
  19. Anybody who has a terrier is worth helping
  20. I like to help those who help themselves
  21. I like a lost cause
  22. I like the underdog
  23. I am also trying to get a business started
  24. It sounds like you need to get out more
  25. You’re skint, desperate and need help
  26. My car also has bald tyres a cracked windscreen and a droning wheel bearing
  27. It’s raining and I’m stuck in with nothing else better to do
  28. This sounds really nerdy and I’m a nerd
  29. I want to get fired, so I’m putting your link on our companies website
  30. I work for Google and can make your dreams come true
  31. I’m an SEO expert and think this is pathetic attempt to build links
  32. Me, you and AC/DC, were all on the highway to hell
  33. My website is so cool I needed something dull to put on it
  34. Jack Johnson is cool
  35. I’m an SEO expert and think this idea has potential
  36. I want to be part of this experiment and see what it takes to get onto the first page of results for a set of given key words
  37. I like it when someone tries
  38. I think your niche idea is a good one, and would like to see it have a chance
  39. I’m a copier engineer who would like to see a fellow engineer make some money for a change!
  40. I’m a copier engineer who agrees that my idea is valid one and could work
  41. I have the power to help you get to the first page of search results and I’m going to
  42. I want to see if you can fit my keywords into my totally unrelated blog or website
  43. I work for MSN and can make your dreams come true
  44. I’m fed up with the big players dominating the search engines
  45. You need a beer man
  46. My dog is also called OZZY after Ozzy Osbourne
  47. I also live in a small town and would like to afford to stay there.
  48. I also think the sound of a V twin bike engine can’t be beat
  49. I also love the Ocean
  50. Pink Floyd are legends
  51. I also love to travel and see the world
  52. I also think that snowboarding and winter holidays are a riot
  53. American Chopper and the boys from OCC rule
  54. I’m also one of the gifted few that can fold their tongue in half while sticking it out
  55. I work for Ask Jeeves and can make dreams come true
  56. One size does NOT fit all
  57. Shopping online produces less green house gasses
  58. My job is as equally unglamorous and dull as working with photocopiers
  59. I also have a young family and know how important it is to provide for them
  60. Dan Brown is a good read
  61. I also love chillies and hot food
  62. I wanted to just for the hell of it
  63. The BBC make the best wild life documentaries
  64. I need something to do while you wait for the pizza to arrive
  65. I have your own reason (please state)
  66. I like any way of buying something without being pestered to buy an extended warranty.
  67. I like the fact you're making it easy to by and run a basic photocopier
  68. I wish that I had thought of it first
  69. I hope that this will inspire me to try something for myself
  70. Seeing people hurt themselves is always funny
  71. I also don’t have anyone who can help me get started in business
  72. I also think hard work is no guarantee for success, you also need some flair and luck
  73. The smell of surfboard wax in your car on a hot summers day is just the best
  74. A good night out on the town is a better prescription than Prozac
  75. I work for Yahoo and can make dreams come true
  76. I’d rather have money than fame
  77. If life is what you make it, then make mine a double.
  78. I’m lucky enough to surf in warm water and thought it would be nice to let you know.
  79. A link a day keeps your competitors at bay.
  80. I also wasted your early years drinking and having a laugh, and now your playing catch-up
  81. This is much better fun than most of your common or garden link exchange systems
  82. Today I’m in a good mood for no particular reason
  83. Doing this makes me look busy at my computer
  84. I believe in karma and linking to my site is good karma
  85. It’s only a link what have I got to loose
  86. Linking is an optical illusion for search engines
  87. The six million Dollar Man would be over budget and late if they built him today
  88. While doing home improvements I find that I can string together complete sentences made up of swear words alone.
  89. I like people power
  90. I like to be at the fore front of anything new
  91. Taking a chance on something new is good for the soul
  92. No guts no glory
  93. This sucks so much I had to point it out
  94. I drink too much at office parties
  95. I share the entrepreneurial spirit
  96. Anything that makes life easier has got to be worth a go
  97. Farting is always makes people laugh
  98. You would just love to beat your office copier
  99. I really did photocopy my ass by mistake. Honestly!
  100. I feel guilty about breaking the copier, and then told the engineer that I didn’t know how it happened
  101. Kicking and swearing at the office copier is a global phenomenon

I will post some updates if things start to happen and keep you all updated on my progress.


That’s it, so if this blog has made you want to link to my site then thanks a lot, but if you think its just a waste of time then there’s always the next blog